Each year the Mesquite Fire Department honors its employees through a presentation of awards for superior public service to our citizens. This year 17 individuals were honored from the department for their professional and courageous service. The following individuals were presented with their respective awards on February 6 at the Mesquite City Council meeting.

Chief's Award 

The Chief’s Award is given at the sole discretion of the Fire Chief to City of Mesquite employees who have consistently worked to improve the Department and have in fact made major changes to the Department by their actions.

2018 Fire Chiefs Award - Ast Chief Larry Spurgin
2018 Fire Chiefs Award - Capt Brian Staples
2018 Fire Chiefs Award - Lt Darrel Evans
Assistant Fire Chief Larry Spurgin
Fire Chief Brian Staples

Fire Lieutenant Darrel Evans 

Fire Officer and Firefighter of the Year Awards

2018 Fire Officer of the Year - Chief Bruce Kunz
2018 Firefighter of the Year - Aaron Hall
Officer of the Year - Fire Deputy Chief Bruce Kunz
Firefighter of the Year - Firefighter Aaron Hall

Lifesaving Awards

This year two lifesaving awards were presented to 10 firefighters representing four companies and three fire stations. Those individuals recognized for their courageous service are listed below along with the dates of the lifesaving events. Links to information about each event are also offered.

2018 Fire Awards LifeSaving 1 April 16 2017
2018 Fire Awards LifeSaving 2 Aug 16 2017

April 16, 2017 - Read more about this lifesaving event.

Ambulance 06 - Firefighter/Paramedic David Page and Firefighter/Paramedic Dan Turner.

Engine 02 - Lieutenant Mike Kurtz, Driver-Engineer/Paramedic Jason Sutcliffe and Firefighter Ron Buie.

August 16, 2017 - Read more about this lifesaving event.

Ambulance 05 - Firefighter/Paramedic Eric Wright and Firefighter/Paramedic Caleb Schallawitz

Engine 05 - Captain David Shedd, Firefighter/Paramedic Paul Polish, Firefighter/Paramedic Ron Buie and Firefighter/Paramedic Justin Turner.

Attendance Merit Award

The Attendance Merit Award is given to members of the Mesquite Fire Department who have a perfect attendance record throughout a calendar year and subsequent calendar years beyond the first. This year we have one member that is earning his sixth consecutive award, Captain Gene Zwillenberg.

2018 Fire Attendance - Gene Zwillenberg

Meritorious Awards from Prior Years

2017 Meritorious Awards

2016 Meritorious Awards