Smoke Alarm Assistance Program

Fire in the Window

The Mesquite Fire Department (MFD) offers free smoke alarm installation to qualified residents.  Please use the guidelines below to determine whether you qualify for this program, and contact Fire Administration at 972-216-6267 with any questions.

  • Participants in this program must be homeowners in the City of Mesquite.  If you rent your home and it does not have adequate smoke detectors, please contact your property manager.
  • MFD will provide and install smoke detectors to elderly or disabled residents and to those who are financially unable to purchase smoke alarms. 

Where should smoke alarms be installed?

  • Install a smoke alarm in (or immediately outside) each bedroom in the home.
  • Install an additional smoke alarm in each major living space.
  • Avoid installing smoke alarms in the kitchen or in bathrooms.