Flag Retirement

Station 2 Flag Retirement Box
The Mesquite Fire Department has joined with the Boy Scouts of America to provide Flag Retirement Collection Boxes for our citizens. If you have a flag that is worn or tattered and in need of retirement, you may bring it to the collection boxes at any Mesquite Fire Station or the Fire Administration office at 1515 N. Galloway Ave. Once a collection box becomes full, a local Troop will ensure that the flags are retired in a proper and respectful manner.

Fire Station Locations:

Fire Station #1 - 410 S. Galloway Ave.
Fire Station #2 - 4609 Sarazen Drive
Fire Station #3 - 3838 Forney Road
Fire Station #4 - 816 Rodeo Center Blvd.
Fire Station #5 - 2141 N. Galloway Ave.
Fire Station #6 - 1010 Barnes Bridge Road
Fire Station #7 - 1850 Clay Mathis Road
Flag Box 2