Fire Plan Review Information


Fire Plan Review information, forms, and permit applications may be viewed and printed on your computer by clicking on the links below. After completing a form and/or permit application, please print and return by mail or fax to:
                                                            Mesquite Fire Department
                                                            Fire Administration Office
                                                            1515 N. Galloway
                                                            Mesquite TX 75149
                                                            Fax: 972-216-6436

Subject Description
Site Plan Checklist Checklist used by developers to communicate details about their project or development. This checklist will help the Fire Department determine the fire protection requirements for the project. The list is not all inclusive.
Permit Fee Schedule A list of items or systems requiring permits by the current fire code and a list of associated fees.
Frequently Asked Questions A list of the most frequently asked questions during the development process and construction stage of a project.
Fire Flow Request Click here to submit a request for a fire flow test.
Knox Box Website used to order devices (Knox Box, Knox Lock, etc.) required by the City. Here is the website for Knox (