Codes & Ordinances

Below are links to commonly referenced Codes and Ordinances during the development process.  For more information on planning and zoning, engineering, fire, or building codes, please visit the corresponding department webpages. 


Mesquite Zoning Ordinance

Form-Based Codes and Overlay Districts

Other Commonly Referenced Ordinances:

Parks and Recreation




City of Mesquite is under the 2018 I.C.C. Codes and 2017 National Electrical Code. Links below are to City's adopted amendments.

  1. Building Code
  2. Existing Building Code
  3. Plumbing Code 
  4. Mechanical Code
  5. Electrical Code
  6. Energy Conservation Code
  7. Residential Building Code
  8. Fuel Gas Code
  9. Property Maintenance Code
  10. Swimming Pool and Spa Code