Rental Property License (RPL) Program

*** Notice & Program Advisory Update ***

Rental Certificate of Occupancy Process

  1. Create Citizen Self Service account here

  2. Submit application for Rental Property License

  3. Application will be reviewed.  Review can take up to 48 hours. Invoice will be generated and sent after application has been reviewed and processed. 

  4. Once payment is received inspection must be scheduled by emailing with your desired inspection date. 

Tips to Remember:

  • City Ordinance requires all rental properties to be current on taxes and have no outstanding liens.
  • Pre-Occupancy penalty shall apply to any property occupied prior to obtaining a Rental Property License. (Due upon each change of occupancy)
  • City Ordinance requires all properties have a local agent listed as a contact on their application within 40 miles of Mesquite.
  • All A/C units (in summer) and all heating units (in winter) must be turned on prior to rental inspections.
  • All appliances (HVAC, water heaters and other systems) in the property must work!   Therefore, in order for the inspector to inspect these items, please ensure that all utilities have been turned on prior to the inspection day.

A rental property must successfully pass an interior and exterior inspection in order to obtain a Rental Property License (RPL).  Rental properties are expected to meet the minimum standards set forth in the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code and the International Residential Code as well as any applicable city codes that have been adopted by the City Council.

To arrange for an inspection the property owner/manager must request the inspection.  If requested prior to 4:00 PM, the inspection can be performed the following business day.  Inspections requested after 4:00 PM will be done on the second business day following the request.

Click here for a simplified list of items that will be inspected.