Our Purpose
The Purchasing Division is responsible for all City purchases and contractual activities.  This involves determining service needs, researching available products and services, developing City standards and specifications, obtaining informal and formal bid quotations and inspecting delivered goods and services prior to payment.  The Purchasing Division is also responsible for the sale of obsolete equipment and goods and pursuit of used equipment and furniture via auctions, the City warehouse - general and automotive, transportation pool, central copy, and print shop/mail services operations. 

The Achievement of Excellence in Procurement® (AEP) recognizes organizational excellence in public procurement. This prestigious award is awarded annually and is earned by those organizations that demonstrate excellence by obtaining a high score based on standardized criteria. The criteria are designed to measure innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement, and leadership attributes of the procurement organization.

The AEP Award is sponsored by the National Procurement Institute, Inc. (NPI), the California Association of Public Procurement Officials (CAPPO), Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials (FAPPO), NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement, National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP), Texas Public Purchasing Association (TxPPA), and the Canadian Public Procurement Council / Conseil canadien des marchés publics (CPPC). The AEP is supported by the Airport Purchasing Group (APG), the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) and the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council (UPPCC).

The City of Mesquite is 1 of only 48 government agencies in Texas and 1 of only 67 cities in the United States to receive the award. The City of Mesquite has received the award for 17 consecutive years.

Transparency Star - Contracts and Procurement