Historic Mesquite, Inc.

Historic Mesquite, Inc. (HMI) is organized for the charitable and educational purposes of identifying and preserving historic structures, identifying and securing historic designations for properties, and providing the public with the tools to navigate Mesquite history and culture. 

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About Historic Mesquite, Inc.

  • HMI is a nonprofit [IRS 501 (c)(3)], tax exempt organization dedicated to the preservation of and education about Mesquite history.
  • The organization is governed by a Board of Directors, who serve 3-year terms and can be re-appointed to an additional term.
  • HMI meetings are held once a month, normally on the fourth Tuesday. Call 972-216-6468 or 972-329-8529 for more information.
  • Other projects include:
    • Restoration of S.D. Lawrence house at Opal Lawrence Historical Park
    • Raising public awareness on historical preservation issues
    • Providing an educational speakers bureau
    • Writing historical marker applications
    • Continuing involvement with state and national preservation institutions
  • Memberships are available at different levels. All fundraising efforts go towards maintenance and restoration of historical properties and to a sustaining trust fund for the properties.




Historic Houses Coordinator

A local museum professional has been hired to fill the vacancy of Historic Homes Coordinator for the City of Mesquite’s preservation program.  Jordan A. Gortmaker, originally from Colorado, is a graduate of the University of Colorado Denver with a master’s degree in Public History/Museum Studies and extensive work in conservation, research and customer service.

“Jordan gives us that edge we were seeking in the museum science world,” said Charlene Orr, manager of historic preservation for the City of Mesquite.  “He has either worked in, or interned as, nearly every position.  That knowledge will allow us to bring an even better interpretative product to the public here at Opal Lawrence Historical Park.”

Housed in the Noah Range Farmhouse, the Historic Mesquite, Inc. office and Lawrence Park visitor center, Gortmaker will be responsible for the visitor tours, conditions reporting on the various buildings at the park and for assisting the executive director in operations.  His work schedule is 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

“This is a unique opportunity to learn something about Mesquite history,” Gortmaker said. “Historic house museums like the Lawrence house allow us to connect with the past in a way that is much more tangible than simply reading the written works of historians.”

He will also be interviewing potential volunteers for the park’s tours and the non-profit’s events. For those interested in discussing the possibilities, call 972.216.6471 during the working hours listed above or call the Historic Mesquite, Inc. office at 972.216.6468.

Jordan Gortmaker April 2017