Photography Policies

Mesquite Historical Museums System

The grounds of Opal Lawrence Historical Park and the Florence Ranch Homestead are beautiful in their natural settings and are inviting to many photographers. Those visitors on tours are welcome to take photos as long as their activity does not interfere with any of the other visitors.

Professional photographers must be contracted as such and will be charged a rental rate for the use of the grounds for equipment, lighting, props, individuals (such as brides or family portrait sessions) and other settings. Unauthorized photographers will be required to turn film or memory card over to museum staff or pay the rental fee.

Amateur photographers must make arrangements for dates and times when staff and/or volunteers can accompany them on site for staged photos of families, etc. A donation of $50 to cover personnel costs is requested.

Both professional and amateur photographers, as well as those involved in the photography session, will be required to sign a release and hold harmless form.

Brides or those individuals scheduled for a portrait session at one of the museum parks should come dressed for the occasion. Both parks have a dressing area available but the area is small.  

To schedule a reservation for photography and to discuss rates, please contact staff at (972) 216-6468 for Opal Lawrence Historical Park and Florence Ranch Homestead.

Professional Rates

  • Hourly - $50 with a two hour minimum
  • Half day - $250 for five hours
  • Full day - $400 for eight hours
The use of Mesquite Historical Museums System photos in promotional or marketing materials is not permitted without express permission of the Executive Director. As such, the parks' names, photos or logos may not be used in any fund-raising capacity or to sell tickets for an outside event.

All media releases and news conferences must be scheduled through the Executive Director.

Both museums and their grounds may be rented for television, film or video shoots. Fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, and will depend on the time, intensity and needs for the reservation. All such reservations must be coordinated through the City of Mesquite's Communications Department at 972-329-8319.