Citizens' Police Academy

The Mesquite Citizens' Police Academy is a program designed to give the citizens of Mesquite a working knowledge of the Mesquite Police Department. The classes are three hours in length, one night a week, for a total of 12 weeks. 

About the Academy

A primary objective of the academy is to build understanding between citizens and law enforcement officers who serve them. It is hoped that through the educational process, public awareness will be increased, suspicions and misconceptions dispelled, and finally, that a lasting rapport will be forged between law enforcement and the public.

After graduation from the academy, citizens become better prepared to cope with criminal incidents, are more willing to report crime, and realize the need to testify when they observe a crime.

Academy Courses

Course topics are presented by volunteer officers who specialize in virtually every aspect of law enforcement including:

  • Personnel selection and training
  • Penal code
  • Use of force concepts
  • Criminal investigations
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Accident investigation
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Building searches
  • Community services
  • Firing range

The Citizens' Police Academy provides two-way communication between police officers and the community to eradicate barriers and improve the quality of life for all residents and businesses.

The 2023 Class will begin in September.  Click HERE to register.  Registration opens July 1, 2023.