Residential Recycling Program

Residential RecyclingGreen Recycling Bins

Because the City of Mesquite is committed to developing sustainability practices that support environmental stewardship and waste reduction, all residents are encouraged to recycle. 

Green 18-gallon recycling bins are available to Mesquite residents on a request basis to provide more citizens in Mesquite an opportunity to recycle. To request a green recycling bin, contact us at 972-216-6972, or request one online.

Instead of a recycling bin, residents may also use blue recycling bags which can purchased at the City Cashier located at 757 North Galloway. 

Using Your Bins

Please place your bin(s) or blue bag next to where you normally set your trash. To determine which days your trash and recycling will be picked up, please refer to the Lookup Garbage and Recycling Days section on the city website.

There is no need to separate items. All recyclables may be placed together in the same bin or blue bag. It is not necessary to rinse or remove labels from jars or cans. However, please remove all liquid from containers to prevent contamination.

Glass may not be placed in a blue bag, only in a recycling bin. On rainy days, please protect your bin from getting wet or simply save it for the next collection day.

Please Note: The 18 gallon recycling bins are the property of the City of Mesquite. If you move, please leave your bin for the next resident.
Know What To Throw
Know what to throw

Recycling Tips

  • Crush cans and plastic bottles to save space
  • Lightly rinse jars and cans and remove the lids (there is no need to remove labels)
  • Place paper and lighter items on the bottom of the bin to prevent littering