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1. Can an employee deposit into two separate account at different banks? For instance, a checking account at Bank of America and a savings account at Mesquite Credit Union? Also, the direct deposit for
2. Can employees go to any Bank of America teller and take the money out to the penny? Can employees leave account with a 0.00 balance with no penalties?
3. Will the Debit/Credit cards with people’s salary be picked up at HR? Or will they be sent to the departments? Or in the mail to be activated?
4. Do you have to have an account with Bank of America to use the cash card?
5. If someone wants to do a second deposit into a savings account at a different bank than where their checking account is, can that be done? The Direct deposit form calls for a “cancelled check” can th
6. Employees who “work” through their lunch for a total of 9 or more hours a day to make up time or leave early. What is the City’s directive? Can lunch be used to make up time? Can an employee not ta
7. Can the new system be used to track Discretionary Time for exempt employees?
8. Will we be able to take out our Lincoln 457 deferred comp. contributions as a percentage per pay check, instead of a set amount?
9. What will be the cut-off time people have to clock out before the system considers it OT?