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1. What are the library's hours of operation?
2. How do I apply for a job at the Mesquite Public Library System?
3. How do I volunteer at the Mesquite Public Library System?
4. How do I contact the library?
5. How can I find books on my child’s reading level?
6. Does the library provide tours for groups like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts?
7. What kind of activities does the library have for children?
8. What is storytime?
9. What is the Summer Reading Club?
10. How do I find out when the activities are taking place?
11. What services does the library provide for schools?
12. What services does the library provide for daycare centers?
13. What services does the library provide for homeschoolers?
14. Does the library have any online search resources for children?
15. How do I get my child a library card?
16. How many books can my child check out on his card?
17. Can my child check out movies on his card?
18. Can my child get on the library's internet computers?
19. How do I do genealogy research at the library?
20. How do I find an obituary at the library?
21. Are there any meeting rooms available at the Library for public use?
22. Does the Library have a room to use for studying?
23. Where do I return my items?
24. My items are due today but I can’t get there while the library is open. What can I do?
25. My items are overdue, but I can’t pay the fine right now. What can I do?
26. How much are the overdue fines?
27. I returned a Book on CD, and then got a phone call that the last disc wasn’t in the case. Why do I have to pay an overdue fine on the whole thing when I returned most of it on time?
28. I just got an overdue notice on books that I’ve already returned. What can I do?
29. Is it possible for someone to take my items out of the bookdrop after I’ve put them in?
30. Do you have a special section for my teenager?
31. What activities can my teen participate in at the library?
32. Do you have a recommended reading list for young adults?
33. What if I don’t see my favorite YA series at the library?
34. My teen would like to volunteer. What do I do to get them started?
35. How do I get my teen a library card?
36. How many books can a young adult check out?
37. Can a young adult check out movies or CDs?
38. My teen needs to use the Internet. How can I get him on a computer at the library?
39. My teen would like to do research at home. Do you have any online information sources that can help?
40. The Mesquite Public Library does not have the item I am looking for. What can I do?
41. How much does it cost?
42. How much does an interlibrary loan cost?
43. How do I request an item through interlibrary loan?
44. How long will it take for me to get what I need though interlibrary loan?
45. What do I do when I get the call saying that my ILL item is ready for me?
46. Am I allowed to renew my ILL item?
47. Are there any limitations to using the interlibrary loan system?
48. What book clubs does the Library have?
49. What children’s events does the Library offer?
50. What events does the Library offer for Young Adults?
51. Does the Library offer tax assistance?
52. Does the Library have a Genealogy club?
53. How do I make copies at the Library?
54. Do you have color copies?
55. Can I bring my own paper for the copiers?
56. Does the library have a fax machine?
57. Does the library have typewriters?
58. How do I get tax forms?
59. What business resources are available at the Library?
60. I found what I wanted in the catalog. Now how do I find it in the library?
61. What is a call number?
62. What do the letters at the beginning of the call number mean?
63. How do I place a hold?
64. How do I place a hold online?
65. How many holds can I place?
66. Is there a charge for placing a hold?
67. How long is a hold held?
68. How do I have an item sent to another Library location?
69. You will be contacted by telephone or email when the item is ready to be picked up.
70. I'm being told that my hold is being blocked. Why does that happen?
71. I tried to place a hold online, but got a message saying that no items qualified for hold. What can I do?
72. I tried to place a hold, but got a message saying that I couldn't put a hold on an item from the other branch. What does that mean?
73. How can I see what titles I've put on hold?
74. Can I cancel a hold?
75. Can I send someone else to pick up my hold?
76. Where do I find My Account?
77. What can I do with My Account?
78. How do I log in to My Account?
79. How can I find out my PIN?
80. How do I change my PIN?
81. How can I suggest a title for the library to purchase?
82. How can I narrow down my catalog search results list?
83. What do I need to use the computers in the library?
84. What if I don't have a library card?
85. I've forgotten my library card number or my PIN. What can I do?
86. I am visiting from out of town and do not have a Mesquite Library Card. Will I be able to use your computers?
87. I am visiting from out of state. Can I still get on your computers?
88. I don't have my own library card. Can I use someone else's card number and PIN to sign on to the computer?
89. I've put in my numbers at the reservation station, but it won't accept them. Why not?
90. Does the computer give me a grace period on my reservation?
91. How long is my turn on the computer?
92. Will I be able to extend my time?
93. Once I'm logged on, can I leave the computer during my session?
94. I left the computer for a little while and when I came back I was logged out. What happened?
95. I'm finished with the computer, but there is still time left on the clock. How do I sign off?
96. I don't have a reservation, but there's a computer with no one using it. Can I get on?
97. I have a reservation for later, but there's no one using the computer I have reserved. Can I get on?
98. I have a reservation for later, but there's a computer with no one using it. It is not the one I have reserved. Can I get on?
99. I've just made a reservation for the next available computer, but I'd also like to come back later this evening. Can I do that?
100. Can I make a reservation for tomorrow?
101. Can I call and make a reservation over the phone?
102. Can I make a future reservation for a specific computer?
103. I need to help my mom fill out some forms online. Will we be able to work together?
104. I need help filling out an online application. Does the library have staff members that can help me?
105. How many times a day may I use the computer?
106. Can I change my PIN to something easier to remember?
107. How do I save my work on the computer?
108. I have a document on a CD-RW. Will I be able to open it, edit it, and save the changes?
109. I accidentally saved my resume on the hard drive and I don't want anyone to see my personal information. Can I erase it?
110. How do I print from the Library's public computers?
111. Do I have to walk all the way to the checkout desk every time I print something?
112. I didn't write down my confirmation number. Can I still get my printout?
113. The last page of my printout only has stuff I don't need and I don't want. Do I still have to pay for it?
114. I would like to print my resume on my own special paper. Can I do that?
115. There's something wrong with my printing. Do I still have to pay for it?
116. Does the library have wireless access?
117. How do I log into your Wi-fi?
118. Will I be able to print using your Wi-fi?
119. Do you have any computer classes?
120. Can teens use the computers?
121. Can children use the computers?
122. I've typed in the web address I want to go to, but I'm being blocked. Why?
123. How do I request that a website be blocked or unblocked on the library computers?
124. What kind of donations does the library accept?
125. What happens to my items once they’re donated?
126. Can you tell me how much my donation is worth for tax purposes?
127. Once I donate my item, can I get it back?
128. Does the library have a way to honor someone with a gift?
129. How do I make a memorial monetary gift?
130. How do I know when my gift/memorial materials are available to be used?
131. Who are the Friends of the Mesquite Public Library?
132. Why should I join Friends of the Library?
133. How much is a Friends of the Library Membership?
134. What do the Friends do?
135. How can I join in the Friends of the Library?
136. How do I get a library card?
137. What is considered acceptable photo ID and proof of address?
138. How do I get a library card for my child?
139. Can I apply for a library card online?
140. How soon will I get the library card?
141. How do I get a card if I am not a Mesquite resident?
142. How do I get a card if I am not a Texas resident?
143. How long may I keep the items that I have checked out?
144. How many items may I check out?
145. How do I renew the items I have checked out?
146. Where do I return the items I have checked out?
147. How do I know when an item is due?
148. How can I have an item sent to another Mesquite Library location?
149. Can I return materials to any Mesquite Library location?
150. What happens if I return an item late?
151. How do I pay a fine online?
152. What happens if I lose or damage an item?
153. What should I do if I returned an item, but it still shows checked out to me?
154. What should I do if I lose my library card?
155. How do I replace a lost library card?
156. Does my library card expire?
157. What is my PIN?
158. Can I change my PIN?
159. How can I find out my PIN if I've forgotten it?
160. How can I change my email or home address?
161. Can items be renewed?
162. How do I renew items?
163. Why is the computer not letting me renew a title?
164. How can I see what I have checked out and the due dates?
165. How do I volunteer at the Mesquite Public Library System?
166. Is there an age limit to volunteer at the library?
167. I need some volunteer hours for school credit. Can I do that at the Library?
168. I need to do some court-ordered community service. Can I do that at the Library?
169. What sort of things would I do as a volunteer?