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1. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have a list of handicap accessible playgrounds throughout the City of Mesquite?
2. Why are some of the park drinking fountains turned off during the winter months although the winter weather is warm?
3. How many Hike and bike trails does the Parks and Recreation Department have, and what is the length of each?
4. How many fishing ponds/lakes does the Parks and Recreation Department have? How many of these locations are catch and release sites?
5. Can a person use a seine or net to catch fish in city-owned ponds / lakes?
6. Do any of the ponds / lakes have fishing piers?
7. Do residents or park patrons have to have a fishing license in order to fish in the city lakes and ponds?
8. Why is a coloring agent occasionally put in the various ponds/lakes located throughout the city?
9. Can residents use boats in the lakes at City Lake Park and Palos Verdes Park?
10. Who picks up dead animals in the parks or in the ponds / lakes?
11. Does the Parks and Recreation Department have any trees available for the residents of Mesquite to purchase for planting in residential lawns?
12. Will the Park Services Division chemically treat to control Poison Ivy / Poison Oak on city properties?
13. Does the Parks and Recreation Department cut and remove hazardous or dead trees in flood plains, green belts or other undeveloped city-owned property?
14. Does a resident have to get a permit or permission from the city to remove a tree on their lot?
15. Is there free mulch available to residents of Mesquite?
16. Are portable volleyball standards / poles available for use in the parks?
17. What is the Parks and Recreation Department’s policy regarding various sports teams practicing on neighborhood parks?
18. Are neighborhood park tennis courts available to be reserved for exclusive use?
19. Are the sand volleyball courts at Town East Park, Evans Park, and Clay Mathis Greenbelt Park on a reservation system?
20. Are alcoholic beverages permitted in the parks?
21. Can motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes and all terrain vehicles (ATV’s) be ridden on city or park property?
22. Who is responsible for mowing the three foot grass strip behind each residential fence along alleyways?
23. Who is responsible for the maintenance of trees planted outside backyard fences, between the fence and the alley in residential areas? Also, who is responsible for the maintenance of trees in grass al
24. Who picks up dog feces in parks?