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1. Can a person sign up for more than one session?
2. Do children have to wear swimwear?
3. What do the children need to bring?
4. Are babies required to wear swim diapers?
5. Are swim shoes, goggles, flippers, and snorkels okay to bring?
6. Are the instructors certified?
7. Do we perform background checks on our instructors?
8. Will there be a lifeguard on duty during swim lessons?
9. What happens if we can not have class due to inclement weather?
10. What happens if a person starts a class and an instructor recommends a different level?
11. Can the parents be in the facility with the children during lessons?
12. Will there be open swim during swim lessons?
13. Do we offer private lessons?
14. Will there be class during the Fourth of July weekend?
15. Can an adult sign up for swim lessons?
16. Can children with special needs participate?
17. Can a parent request an instructor of a different gender?
18. Do you have to attend all eight classes to complete the level?