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Westlake House

The Westlake House is available for formal events such as weddings, receptions, showers, business retreats and meetings. No reservations will be made during the months of November, December and first part of January.

Additional Features

  • Seating for 80
  • 50 folding chairs (for indoor use only)
  • Kitchen fully equipped
  • Two additional rooms included
  • Outdoor gazebo is included in the reservation
  • Reservations must be a 4 hour minimum
  • Fees are based on residency
  • Full payments due at the time reservation is made

Westlake Open House on Mondays 6 - 7 p.m.
*No open house in November, December and until the end of January.
*No open house on city holidays

Rental Pricing

Reservations for Westlake are a 4 hour minimum.

Westlake Monday - Thursday Friday - Sundays & Holidays Cleaning/Damage Deposit
Residents $35/hour $60/hour $200
Non-Residents $70/hour $120/hour $200

Facility Center Rental

Westlake House can only be reserved in person at the Parks & Recreation Administration Office.