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Volunteer of the Quarter

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  2. Volunteer of the Quarter
    Nominate a City of Mesquite volunteer to be your Volunteer of the Quarter! Nominations are accepted continuously and will be named on the first of each quarter beginning in October 2019. To nominate someone, complete this form and send that volunteer's photo to our office at To be eligible, a volunteer must have completed at least 5 hours of recorded service to the City in the quarter prior to nomination. Winners will be highlighted on the City's Volunteer webpage. Questions? Call Paige Swiney at 972-329-8331.
  3. In the blank above, tell us a little about your volunteer! How long has he/she been volunteering? Is your nominee retired, a student, or does he/she have another job? What makes this person special?
  4. In the blank above, tell us how your volunteer went above and beyond to promote your mission! If he or she was given the opportunity to promote your department, what would he/she say? What special qualities mark this individual's service?
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