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Yard of the Month Nomination

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  2. Yard of the Month Nomination

  3. Thank you for nominating a local resident for our Yard of the Month program. Keep Mesquite Beautiful volunteers assist with this program by viewing and selecting the City's best looking yards for recognition! Please nominate a local yard (yes, you can nominate yourself) by the 15th of each month for recognition. Here are a few rules: 1) the property must be in Mesquite 2) we must be able to contact the resident for permission to place a sign 3) yards or homes with code violations may not win this award 4) signs are the property of Keep Mesquite Beautiful and must be returned at the end of the month.

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  5. Keep Mesquite Beautiful selects up to five winners each month. Each winner will receive a certificate, have a yard sign placed for a month, and will have their yard placed on the Keep Mesquite Beautiful Facebook page. Self-nominations are acceptable. For questions, call our office at 972-329-8331.

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