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Littering Behavior Survey

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  2. Littering Behavior Survey

  3. Record littering behavior as part of our litter study

    Observe littering behavior and the environment surrounding that behavior based on the instructions you were given. Record those observations below.

  4. Was the person...

  5. What age group? Estimate.

  6. Type of site

  7. Weather present?

  8. Group setting at disposal

  9. Group size or nearby people (if applicable)

  10. Object Disposed

  11. Disposal Method

  12. Litter Strategy

  13. Was there a trash can nearby?

  14. Was there a recycling bin nearby?

  15. How far away to proper container?

  16. Please direct any questions or special requests to or contact our office at 972.329.8331. Thank you for your assistance with this project!

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