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Homeownership Option Application

  1. Homeownership Option Application
    Please complete this form if you are interested in purchasing a home using the Mesquite Housing Division Homeownership Option.
  2. 1. Are you currently receiving assistance under the Mesquite Housing Division's (MHD) Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program? *
  3. 2. Have you received assistance from MHD consecutively for one year? *
  4. 3. Have you been continuously employed for the past year? *
  5. 4. Did you port from another housing authority? *
  6. 5. Are you a first time home-buyer? *
  7. 6. Has any member of your family owned a home or interest in a home in the past three years? *
  8. 7. Are you willing to attend credit, budget, and home counseling classes? *
  9. Head of Household
  10. Co-Head of Household/Spouse
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