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Public Information/Open Records Request

  1. Open Records Request # ______________________

    (Office Use Only)

  2. In order to respond to your request, please provide at least one method of contact below.

  3. Delivery of Records (select one)

  4. Please provide as much detail as possible such as report numbers, time-frame of records, date and place of incident, etc. The Public Information Act does not require a governmental body to prepare new information in response to a request, to prepare answers to questions or to complete legal research. The Act only applies to information already in existence as of the date of the request.

  5. Relationship to Person Listed in Report (select one)

  6. Consent to Redaction - Criminal History and/or Police Officer Photos

    I consent to the redaction of criminal history and/or Police Officer photographs, which are exempt from release under Section 552.101 of the Public Information Act, from the requested information and waive my right to appeal to the Texas Attorney General for these redactions.

  7. Pursuant to the Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Section 552, I hereby request the following information currently existing in the records of the City of Mesquite, Texas. I understand that there may be charges assessed for duplication or access to such records and prepayment may be required prior to preparation of the requested copies of such records.

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