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  1. Mesquite Metro Airport Authorization and Release for Credit Card Use (fuel, oil and pilot supplies)

    Use this form to authorize purchases of fuel, oil and pilot supplies

  2. Mesquite Metro Airport Hangar Waiting List Request

    Fill this form out to put your name on the hangar waiting list at the Mesquite Metro Airport.

  1. Mesquite Metro Airport Hangar Maintenance Request Form

    Fill this form out for repairs to your hangar.

Arts Center

  1. Arts Center

    Arts Center Water Billing donation form

City Manager

  1. Addressing Mesquite Day

    Addressing Mesquite Day donation form

  2. New service request app

    Please use our new service request app,

  1. Authorization and Release Form

    Addressing Mesquite Day - Authorization and Release Form

City Secretary

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

    Complete this form if you are interested in registering a youth group to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at a City Council Meeting. The... More…

  1. Public Information/Open Records Request

    Open Records Request Form

Code Enforcement

  1. Bandit Sign Location Report

    Please provide the location of the bandit sign you would like a Code Enforcement Officer to review.


  1. ADA Compliance Action Form
  2. Spread the Love

    Spread the Love

  3. Veterans Memorial donation

    Veterans Memorial donation

  1. Clean City Initiative Form
  2. Thomasson Square Question Form

    Thomasson Square is a three-block area located north of Interstate 30. The area includes a mixture of retail and commercial properties... More…

Community Services

  1. Home Program

    Community Services Home Program Water Billing donation form


  1. Citizens' Fire Academy Application
  2. Emergency Contact Information

    Please utilize the Citizen Self Service Portal to complete Emergency Contact Information. Indicate the persons that the Mesquite Fire... More…

  3. Fire Station Visit / Fire Truck Visit Your Event Request

    Request a Fire Station Tour or to have Fire Equipment visit your special event.

  4. Freedom Park

    Freedom Park Water Billing donation form

  1. Contact the Chief

    Do you have a question for the Fire Chief? Would you like to give him feedback on the Mesquite Fire Department (positive or negative)?... More…

  2. Fire Safety & Prevention Presentation Request

    Request a presentation to your group on fire prevention and safety.

  3. Firefighter Candidate Required Information Form

    The Firefighter Candidate Required Information Form is a detailed personal history, required as a part of your application for... More…

Historic Mesquite, Inc.

  1. Historic Mesquite, Inc.

    Historic Mesquite, Inc. Water Billing donation form


  1. Adopt-A-Spot Location Request

    New and Renewing Adopt-a-Spot contracts.

  2. Cleanup Supply Request
  3. Public Appearance Request
  1. Clean City Vest
  2. Neighborhood Cleanup Report

    Please help KMB track all the volunteer cleanup efforts around our city by completing the form below after your cleanup event. Remember... More…

  3. Water Bill Donation Form - KMB

    Online pledge form for water bills


  1. Ask a Librarian
  2. Online eCard
  1. Library

    Library Water Billing donation form

Neighborhood Services

  1. Project Porch Light
  1. Third Annual Neighborhood Summit

    Annual Neighborhood Resources and Networking Event. Open to the public.


  1. Report A Park Problem

    Please use this form to report a problem with a city park.


  1. Civilian Response to Active Shooter and Stop the Bleed Training

    This course provides participants with the information necessary to prepare for, mitigate and properly respond to active shooter... More…

  2. National Night Out Application
  3. Police Safety & Crime Prevention Presentation Request
  1. Contact the Chief

    Do you have a question for Police Chief? Would you like to give him feedback on the Mesquite Police Department (positive or negative)?... More…

  2. Police Commendation
  3. Santa Cop

    Santa Cop Water Billing donation form