What is considered a public or commercial building?
There are many different types of public and commercial buildings. A general rule of thumb is that non-residential buildings and apartment complexes larger than fourplexes, and are either public or commercial. The demolition or renovation of a single residence (fourplex or smaller) does not require an asbestos survey if the property continues to be used as a single residence after the demolition or renovation.

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1. Why do we need Senate Bill 509?
2. What kind of permit triggers the duty to check for an asbestos survey?
3. What is considered a public or commercial building?
4. After what year can a building be built when no asbestos survey is required?
5. How extensive does the survey verification have to be?
6. Do the asbestos surveys need to be turned into the Texas Department of Health?
7. How do building owners or operators get these surveys?
8. How much do asbestos surveys cost?
9. Is asbestos still manufactured?
10. If asbestos is still manufactured, is it all right to install it in a public building?
11. Who do I call if I have any questions?