How do I know that these violations are valid?
Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by an Automated Intersection Safety System. You can review your images and video of the actual occurrence online. The images and video were reviewed by several qualified technicians and finally by the Mesquite Police Department before the alleged civil infraction was affirmed and mailed to you as the registered owner or identified driver. You have the option of contesting the notice of violation by requesting in writing an administrative hearing, at which time you may discuss the validity of the images and video captured on the date and time detailed on the notice of violation. View more details: Disputing a Red Light Violation

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1. What if the light was yellow?
2. What if I am not the driver/owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation?
3. Will I receive any points on my driving record for this violation?
4. Will my insurance rates be affected?
5. Is this only a program to generate revenue?
6. What if I was issued a citation from an officer for the same offense?
7. I have received multiple notices of violation - do I have to send in a payment for each?
8. Can I make payments in installments or set up a payment plan?
9. Do I have to pay my fine the day of the hearing?
10. What happens if I do not pay the notice of violation?
11. I do not believe I ran a red light. Where can I go to view my images and video?
12. How can I schedule a hearing?
13. How do I know that these violations are valid?
14. What if the camera was not working or it was defective?