Community Services

Meeting Rooms

Rooms are available for nonprofit groups holding meetings of a civic, cultural, or educational nature at the Mesquite Main Library (972-216-6223) and the Mesquite North Branch Library (972-681-0465). A fee is charged for use and reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. Due to heavy demand for space, library meeting rooms are not booked on a standing basis.

Copy Machines

Coin-operated copy machines are available for public use. Black and white printing and copies are .15 cents per page.  Color printing and copies are available at .50 cents per page. The machines are self-service and intended to provide serviceable copies of reference materials, rather than sophisticated collating and enlarging functions generally found in copy businesses. Double-sided copies are available.

Computer Copies

Paper copies from work performed at the public access computers are available. Price per copy is $0.15.

Voter Registration

Applications are available at both libraries.

Tax Forms

Federal tax forms for individuals and small businesses are available at both libraries. During tax season commonly requested forms are available for distribution. Otherwise, forms may be photocopied from a master book. Master books of tax forms from previous years are kept for eight years. You can also download income tax forms and publications online through the IRS website.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the AARP will not be assisting patrons at the Mesquite Public Library this tax season.  For more information and locations of AARP tax assistance, please call the Main Library at 972-216-6220 or the North Branch Library at 972-681-0465.
During tax season, volunteers from the AARP are available to assist taxpayers in preparing their returns at the Mesquite Main Library. This is free tax help to anyone who needs it. They will conduct business on a first come first served basis.

Additional Information

  • Interested individuals must bring a copy of last year’s return and required paperwork.
  • If you itemize you must have proof of all deductions.
  • Proof of real estate property taxes paid during tax year.
  • And all W-2 forms, 1099, etc.