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A Beam Loaded With Information

The Mesquite Public Library has begun installing BluuBeams, a Bluetooth-based technology that allows information to be broadcast to any phone that has the BluuBeam app and has Bluetooth turned on.  Walk into the Children’s section at the Main Library and get a schedule of upcoming children’s programs.  Walk past the new book section and get a list of titles that were just added to the collection.  There are currently 4 beams at the Main Library and 1 beam at the North Branch.

The Bluubeam app is free and available in the App Store, iTunes, or the Google Play store. 

A blue sticker with a “B” lets you know that there is a beam nearby, and your phone will receive the message even if in sleep mode—as long as Bluetooth is turned on.  The messages will stay on the phone until you remove them and they can be emailed or shared with friends.

The beams are a one-way technology; they send out information but do not gather any information so privacy isn't an issue.

The phone receives the message silently—there is no notification sound or vibration.