At the Library

  1. Audiobooks

    Enjoy your book during your commute or any time you are on the go!

  2. Books

    Find out what the Mesquite Library has to offer.

  3. Computers

    Gain access to public computers and internet.

  4. Donations

    Donate to your library.

  5. E-Library

    Use the library without leaving your home.

  6. Events

    Join in the fun at one of the library's public events.

  7. Friends of the Library

    Join us in being friends of the Mesquite Public Library!

  8. Genealogy

    Discover your family history - the Mesquite Library can help!

  9. Library Board

    Learn about the activities of the Library Board.

  10. Magazines & Newspapers

    Magazine and Newspaper titles in the Main and North Branch Library. Online titles can be downloaded and checked out to your personal device.

  11. Movies

    Rent movies through the library.

  12. Quick Links

    Access various online resources.