Law Enforcement Teaching Students

The Mesquite Police Department, in a cooperative effort with the Mesquite Independent School District, has made available a program called Law Enforcement Teaching Students (LETS). All 4th grade MISD students participate in the program. 

Enhancing Students Understanding of the Dangers of Drug Use

The program is designed to enhance the student’s basic knowledge of the dangers of drug use. LETS teaching also covers other important topics such as bullying, building a positive self concept, developing sound decision making skills, and recognizing and coping with peer pressure.

About the Program

Two Mesquite police officers are assigned full time to the program during the school year. A team teaching approach allows each member to contribute unique skills and experience to the lessons. There are many teaching methods used to enhance the program from class discussion, role play, puzzles and competitive games. The students are encouraged to participate.

Building Positive Relationships

The program is conducted at 32 elementary schools, and is taught to almost 3,400 4th grade students. The 4th grade was chosen in an effort to reach students before they have experimented with drugs and alcohol. Officers also spend time with the students at lunch, recess and other school activities to establish positive officer-student relationships.