Utility Final Requirements

As a builder / contractor, it is your responsibility to make sure all utility terminations required by Engineering Civil Approved Plans are visible during construction as well as at the time you request your final building inspection. All locations are clearly marked on the curb face: MH for manholes, V for valves, CO for clean outs, etc.

When Building Inspection receives a final inspection request, we will notify the Utilities Division via fax every day so they can verify all utility terminations are exposed and visible as they currently do to verify water meter services. If the utility manholes, valves, clean outs, etc., are covered up and not readily visible, the utility inspector will leave a red tag. The red-tag item will then become part of the building inspection final inspection items. Final inspection electric / gas releases will be withheld pending approval and a green tag from Utilities.

The maintenance of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer utilities are very important to the residents of the City of Mesquite who may need service. Your efforts to make sure they remain visible are appreciated by both Utilities and Building Inspection.