New Builder's Policy Notice

Building Inspection is a part of the Community Development Department. Building inspectors are under the supervision of the building official.

Additional areas of enforcement, which affect you, the builder, concerns the control of trash and debris on vacant tracts of land as well as the developing lots under construction. This division’s intent is for each builder to regulate and control this violation to city ordinance requirements, to contain on-site nuisances, and to correct any violations.

Our building inspectors have been instructed to regulate this type of violation during their daily inspections to your projects. During regular inspections, if these type violations should occur, the appropriate party will be notified. This will become part of the red tag items to be corrected before the next inspection can be made. We would suggest a trash containment box be erected on each lot to assist in the control of trash and debris.

It is not the intent of this division to add further regulations to you, the home builder, but the increase of buildings in the city has created problems regarding trash and debris. This has become a concern of the citizens as well as the city of Mesquite. We know you will take the necessary steps to correct future problems, and we appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Building Official