Masonry Calculation Requirements

To: Mesquite Residential Builders
From: Building Official
Date: March 24, 2005
Subject: Masonry Calculations for Residential Construction

On March 1, 2004, Ordinance 3637 was passed by City Council that all main buildings in AG, R and D districts platted after that date shall be of fire-resistant construction, having at least 90% of the total exterior walls - excluding doors and windows - constructed of brick, stone, concrete block, stucco or other masonry or materials of equal characteristics.

With passage of this ordinance, the method in which masonry requirements are calculated for new subdivisions with approved filed plats as of March 1, 2004, has changed. The calculations are taken from the foundation to the roof line for one or multiple-story structures. In order to decrease the amount of time necessary for plan reviews, we request all plans be submitted having the masonry calculations clearly showing compliance with Ordinance 3637. If the subdivision in which you are building requires a greater percentage of masonry then indicate that.

The following will illustrate the calculation method utilized by the division in determining required masonry coverage:
  • Measurements from the foundation to the roof line
  • Gross area of all elevations
  • Area of all openings, doors and windows
  • Subtract areas of openings from the gross area of the elevation
  • Remaining area x .90 = masonry required
  • Remaining area x .10 = siding allowed
  • If masonry indicated on the particular plan does not equal the masonry required, then additional masonry shall be added. The additional masonry additions shall be indicated on the floor plan submitted for building permit