Inspection Summary

The following inspections are required by the Building Inspection Division in order to provide for the health and safety of the citizens of the City of Mesquite. Building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and energy inspections are required to help safeguard you, the citizen, and to ensure that your project is constructed to meet minimum code requirements. All inspection tags will be left in the required Permit Pouch™.

Building Inspection Requirements

  • Foundation piers (pier and beam designs)
  • Flatwork (sidewalks, driveway, and approaches)
  • Foundation (post tension or conventional)
  • Building final
  • Structural framing

Plumbing Inspection Requirements

All plumbing installations must be installed by a licensed state of Texas master or journeyman plumber. Homeowners who live at the location where work will be conducted are exempt from state license requirements if they make application and pay for the permit.
  • Sanitary waste and water rough-in
  • Gas lines both inside and outside
  • Plumbing final
  • Plumbing top-out of all sanitary vents
  • Sewer service lateral
  • Plumbing final

Electrical Requirements

All electrical installations or repairs shall be installed by State of Texas electrical contractors, licensed with the City of Mesquite.
  • Temporary power pole
  • Electrical rough-in (before insulation and sheetrock)
  • Electrical final

Mechanical Inspection Requirements

Mechanical installations of new or remodel projects shall be installed and permitted by a licensed mechanical contractor with the state of Texas. Homeowners who currently live in the residence may apply for remodel permits if the work will be done by them. All duct sealant must be approved materials as required by state and local Mechanical Codes.
  • Mechanical duct rough-in
  • Mechanical final

Energy Inspection Requirements

Residential energy inspections are required due to the passage of Senate Bill 5 by the 77th State Legislature. All new construction and/or additions where HVAC is installed or exists must comply with the International Energy Conservation Code or the International Residential Code. Third party inspectors are to be hired by the contractor / builder of new construction homes and inspection results of the insulation and final energy inspections submitted to the Building Inspection office.

Homeowners of existing residences must comply to the energy code as well; however, the City of Mesquite Building Inspection Division will conduct your inspections.

For questions, contact Building Inspection at 972-216-6212 or 972-216-6213.