Homeowner Inspection Phase Requirements

The following inspections are made by the Building Inspection Division of the City of Mesquite in order to provide for the health and safety of the citizens of Mesquite. The required areas of inspection are building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and energy.

It is the responsibility of each person or firm to assure that an inspection request is made when each phase is ready for inspection. The job superintendent / owner is responsible for requesting all inspections. All work must be inspected and approved before proceeding to the next phase.

Important: Please have all work completed in each phase before requesting an inspection to assure optimum efficiency and promptness.

Phase I

  • Plumbing rough-in of all sanitary waste and water lines
  • Sewer lateral connected to service tap
  • Gas yard line installation and test
  • Property string lines

Phase II

  • Foundation slab
  • Electrical under slab

Phase III

  • Structural framing
  • Electrical rough-in
  • Plumbing top-out, second floor rough water test, gas test (inside where applicable) and shower pan water test
  • Mechanical rough-in
Note: Must call all trades in for separate inspections. Framing will not be made until plumbing, mechanical, and electrical have passed. Plumbing, mechanical, and electrical inspections may be called in at the same time.

Phase IV

  • Energy pre-sheetrock inspection
  • Windows, doors, and skylights SHGC and U-factor labels
  • Insulation R-values in walls, ceiling cavities, and duct work
  • Duct work insulation and joint sealant

Phase V

  • Energy final inspection
  • Attic insulation per approved design
  • HVAC seer rating
  • Electrical wall and ceiling openings sealed

Phase VI

  • Building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical finals
Note: Must call all trades in for separate inspections. Building final will not be made until all other trades have passed inspections. Energy inspections for homeowner projects will be conducted by the City of Mesquite Building Inspection Division.