Geographic Information Systems

The primary goal of the City of Mesquite GIS Division is to develop a citywide GIS structured for the analysis and display of the city's GIS data. A citywide GIS incorporates data developed from individual city departments and distributes this data throughout the organization in a user-friendly internet-based environment.

GIS Benefits
The benefits of a citywide GIS system are to bring together a wide-ranging network of people, buildings, systems, and services that will expand the ability to retrieve, store, and access geographically based data. Likewise, it will improve the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of the data itself in an efficient, cost saving fashion.

It is the specific goal of the City of Mesquite's citywide GIS system to fully realize the potential of geographic information technology and make this knowledge available to all city entities.

Data Currently Available
Existing data already available in the GIS Division:
  • Code Enforcement
  • Disaster Relief - Planning and Response
  • Economic Development
  • Maintenance of Property Records
  • Operation of Public Works and Utilities
  • Planning Zoning, Permitting
  • Police and Fire CAD / RMS
  • Road Maintenance
  • Tax Assessment and Collection
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Voter Registration and Public Health Program