Tips to Keep Mesquite Safe & Secure

  • Neighborhood Watch areas have been associated with lower levels of crime. Neighborhood Watch groups enhance informal social control of the neighborhood, increase neighborhood surveillance, and reduce criminal opportunities. A residential security program often includes, neighborhood watch, property-marking, and home security awareness.
  • Suspicious activity in Mesquite should be reported to the Mesquite Police Department by calling 911. Write the details down so you will remember what, where, when, how many, male or female, their description, what direction they left, a description of the vehicle, what you overheard, and who else saw what was going on, etc. Contact your Neighborhood Watch block captain and chairperson by phone or e-mail after the police have been notified. Other neighbors will be alerted to be on-the-lookout.
  • Criminal activity should be immediately reported by calling 911. If you know of any criminal activity in your watch area, notify your block captain and chairperson.
  • Home solicitations are restricted to those with a valid permit secured from the chief of police and released by the city manager. Exceptions apply to those who are under 18 and are members of school or youth organizations. Home solicitation permits are rarely, if ever, issued from the city. Persons in violation of solicitation without a permit are guilty of a Class C Misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $500.
  • If someone you do not know rings your doorbell, answer them, but do not open the door. Ask them to show you their solicitors permit through the door peep hole. Tell them it is against the law for them to solicit in the City of Mesquite without a permit. Call the police.
  • Proper residential security may include fencing, shrubbery, lighting, signs, alarm systems, and dogs. It is important to secure doors, door frames, sliding doors, garage doors, and windows.
  • Operation I.D. participants may qualify for a homeowners insurance premium reduction. Engrave your drivers license on expensive, commonly stolen items and photograph items which can not be engraved. Enter the serial numbers of your belongings to serial number central on the city's website.