Neighborhood Watch Signs & Stickers

Signs alone are not crime deterrents. It takes active neighborhood participation to reduce criminal opportunity. You can advertise participation in your neighborhood watch program through three separate opportunities.

Bad Guy or Watchful Eye-type 18" x 24" signs are either placed on existing informational street signs or have a pole placed with the information on them.  These signs can be purchased by crime watch groups through Mesquite Police for $25-$75. Contact the Mesquite Crime Prevention Office at 972-329-8781 or 972-329-8757 for details. 

Keep Mesquite Beautiful Safe and Secure 12"x 16" flower bed signs are available through Keep Mesquite Beautiful.  Signs are made of a heavy-gauge metal and are mounted on a 30" steel post.  Examples are below. 
2019 neighborhood watch sign example

Order Your Signs

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