Engineering Resources

The following documents are a comprehensive list of engineering-related guidance, plans, ordinances, forms, permits, and fees frequently used in preparing development and construction plans in Mesquite. Please contact the Engineering Division with questions on interpretation or applicability.

All Engineering Fees must be paid on line through the Citizen Access Portal (CAP) with Credit or Debit Card. No payments will be taken in person.

Engineering Plan Preparation

Citizen Access Portal (CAP, EnerGov, eReview) Resource Documents

Please Note: When uploading documents, have all sheets in one document and have the version date in the document’s name before uploading.  ALL plan sheets shall be in one document set. The date should be in the format of YYYY_MM_DD. If the plans are not in this format, they WILL NOT be reviewed.

Fire Sprinkler Underground Mains and Piping

Permits & Fees

Project Closeout and Acceptance Procedures

Plat Documents

Drainage, Grading & Floodplain Management