Capital Improvement Projects (Public Works Construction)

The Engineering Division is responsible for providing project management and technical services for the planning, designing and construction of city roads, alleys, storm water drainage systems and the water and sanitary sewer system. These Capital Improvement Projects provide essential services to the citizens of Mesquite. During project design and construction the city strives to integrate community concerns while efficiently using public funds. The following provides a summary of the division responsibilities.

Project Management

The Engineering Division is responsible for the management of engineering consultants selected for project design and plan preparation to ensure compliance with the design contract and adherence to City standards, ordinances and specific project goals. We also coordinate with surrounding cities and other governmental agencies for projects within or outside the City Limits that impact the City. We oversee the construction management of projects to assure quality work and public safety and address citizens inquires and concerns during construction.

Private Projects

The Engineering Division reviews plans for new private developments to make sure they are adequately served by City water, sewer and drainage facilities and are built in conformance with applicable city, state, and federal laws. Private development includes new commercial buildings, remodels or expansions, single and multi-family residential subdivisions, churches and schools.

The Engineering Division coordinates review with other City departments for the release of engineering plans, and inspects construction of water, sewer, streets, alleys and drainage facilities. The Division also reviews the platting of property and maintains records of all infrastructure built in City right-of-way and easements.

Franchise Utilities

The Engineering Division develops standards and issues permits to franchise utility companies (natural gas, electric, and telecommunications) for work in the public right-of-way and other utility easements. Engineering Division construction inspectors monitor the work of franchise utility personnel and contractors, inspect the work areas to ensure they have been properly restored, and respond to citizen concerns.

Other Services

The Engineering Division also provides the following services:
  • Administers floodplains for FEMA, to include review of elevation certificates, hydraulic reports, flood studies, and requests for FEMA flood map revisions
  • Responds to citizen concerns regarding flooding
  • Supports citizen and developer requests for GIS (Graphical Information Systems) products such as benchmark, water, waster water, drainage, and street map products
  • Maintains the city water, waste water, drainage, and paving design standards
  • Reviews and approves the engineering plans and specifications for proposed construction within the city limits and extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ)