Tax Free Supplies

From midnight on Saturday, April 23 to midnight on Monday, April 25, the State of Texas will allow businesses to sell specified categories of emergency preparedness supplies tax free!

Stocking up on needed supplies should disaster strike may seem to some as a waste of money. Afterall, you are buying things you hope to never need. But supplies which could aid you and your family in times of emergencies could be the most important investment you ever make. Much like investing for retirement, regular small investments can add up over time to an adequate cache of emergency supplies for your loved ones. Start investing in your safety now during Texas’ Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday. With no sales tax you can stretch your hard-earned dollars even more.

To some, not knowing what to buy or where to start can be daunting. The Mesquite Office of Emergency Management has prepared this list for residents to take the guesswork out of disaster preparation. For only $100 at a local Mesquite hardware store, families could purchase the following items which would greatly increase the safety of an entire family in the event of an emergency:

  • 1 Kitchen Fire Extinguisher - $19.97
  • 1 Emergency Radio crank, solar powered, with flashlight and phone charging capability - $33.76
  • 1 96 Piece 10 Person OSHA First Aid Kit - $18.99
  • 1 Solar Powered Smartphone Charger with flashlight – $25.42

Total for these potentially lifesaving items - $98.14

With a small investment, begin your family’s journey towards emergency preparedness April 23 – 25.

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For further information about the Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday or for general information on emergency and disaster preparedness please contact the Mesquite Office of Emergency Management at

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