Mesquite Economic Development Advisory Board


  • Fourth Wednesday of each month, unless directed otherwise

Board Members

  • Position No. 1 - Lisa Theriot
  • Position No. 2 - Nadine Ward
  • Position No. 3 - Gilberto Prado
  • Position No. 4 - Homero Lopez
  • Position No. 5 - Debbie Anderson
  • Position No. 6 - Tom Palmer
  • Position No. 7 - Ron Ward

About the Board

The Economic Development Advisory Board may be referred to as “Mesquite Economic Development Advisory Board” or “MEDA Board.”  The Board of Directors of the Mesquite Quality of Life Corporation (MQOLC) shall serve as the Regular Members of the Economic Development Advisory Board.  The Board serves as a liaison to the City Council and makes recommendations regarding Mesquite economic development initiatives and incentive programs, monitors programs and activities of the organization, promotion, economic vitality and design committees of the board, serves as a forum for the exchange of information related to current or future Mesquite economic development programs and updates the City Council of the status of Mesquite economic development progress as needed.

If you are interested in serving on this board, you may Apply Now or contact the City Secretary’s Office at 972-216-6244 for further information.

For More Information

If you have any questions, please contact Alberto Rivera, Economic Development Coordinator, at 972-216-6324.