Stormwater Education

Palos Verdes

What is stormwater and where does it go?

Stormwater is runoff from rainwater plus anything that the rain carries along with it like pollutants, trash and sediment. Unlike sewage, stormwater is not cleaned at a wastewater treatment facility. Whatever enters the storm drain goes directly into local creeks and lakes in our area and can cause many negative impacts. 

Algae Bloom

Why does is matter?

Some of the harmful chemicals like motor oils, soaps, and pesticides are toxic not only to wildlife but also for our drinking water supply. Fertilizers can support harmful algae blooms. Decaying yard waste and pet waste can deplete the water of oxygen and kill fish. Pet waste also leads to increased bacterial contamination that can make water unsafe for swimming and other recreational activities.

How can you help protect our local streams and lakes?

To prevent household pollutant from entering storm drains, there are several actions Mesquite residents can take, such as taking all household chemicals to the Dallas County Home Chemical Collection Center, picking up litter, and preventing yard waste from entering our waterways.

Keep Mesquite Beautiful hosts several clean up events annually where individuals and groups can participate in Mesquite’s Clean City Initiative to help keep neighborhoods and waterways free of trash and debris. The initiative is aimed at educating, enforcing, and engaging the community in litter reduction, for a cleaner, beautiful Mesquite. Residents can sign up for the community clean up event known as Trash Bash at this link:

Trash Free Waters

The city is also participating in a regional program through the North Texas Council of Governments as part of the ongoing work with the North Texas Trash Free Waters grant project. The City will look to increase Adopt-A-Spot locations and host clean-up events to reduce litter pollution in our waterways