Zoning Verification Letters

The Planning & Zoning Division can provide a Zoning Verification Letter on department letterhead. This letter will confirm a property's zoning district and provide information about the surrounding zoning, outstanding zoning code cases, Conditional Use Permits, special exceptions, or zoning variances, as relevant. If available, a copy of the approved site plan will also be provided.

The Zoning Verification Letter will not verify whether a subject property is in full compliance with the zoning ordinance. Additionally, it will not include Certificates of Occupancy or information about non-zoning code cases. To request copies of Certificates of Occupancy or fire and building code violations, you can make an Open Records Request through the City Secretary’s Office.

There is a $50 fee for each Zoning Verification Letter. You will need to request one letter per property. Please provide the parcel ID from Dallas CAD (map link) or Kaufman CAD (map link).

How to Request a Zoning Verification Letter
  • Go to Citizen Self Service (CSS).
  • Sign in or create a new account.
  • Click "Apply" in the top header.
  • Search for "Zoning Verification Letter" and click "Apply".
  • Provide the requested information and submit.
  • An invoice for the $50 fee will be sent after receiving your request and can be paid online through CSS.
  • Letter will be emailed within 10 days, if payment has been received.