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Example of food truck operations at an event - Mesquite TX

Living up to the brand identity of “Real. Texas. Flavor.”, the City of Mesquite allows for mobile food trucks to operate at a variety of permitted locations throughout the city.

On June 7, 2021, the Mesquite City Council approved an ordinance amending the Mesquite Zoning Ordinance, amending Chapter 8 of the Mesquite City Code, providing additional updates to the operation and health permitting of various types of Mobile Food Units (MFU) and incorporating an MFU-Operation Site Approval process. View the ordinance

In order to operate a Mobile Food Unit within the City of Mesquite, certain requirements must be met. 

Registered food truck operations will be allowed under one of the five following scenarios:

  • As an approved food vendor at city special events.
  • As an approved food vendor in the downtown area on Front Street Station for activities like the new Downtown Mesquite Farmers Market.
  • As an approved food vendor at community events in which the organizer has included the operation of food trucks in their city special event permit application.
  • As an approved participant in a city-approved food truck park, in which the main purpose of the park is the operation of mobile food units. The park owner would need to provide various amenities for customers, including restroom facilities and trash receptacles.
  • As an approved food vendor at a private business location, in which the property owner has obtained a city operation site permit. The operation site permit fees for the property owner are $75 for 1 - 7 days, $100 for 8 - 31 days, $150 for 1 - 3 months and $200 for 3 - 6 months

Food Truck Parks

For information on permanent food truck parks, please contact Planning and Zoning at 972-329-8380 or email

Mobile Food Units in Dallas County

House Bill 2878 was passed by the Texas State Legislature and is effective on September 1, 2023. Mobile Food Unit (MFU) operators will no longer be required to be permitted in each individual city within Dallas County. MFUs must obtain a permit from Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS) Environmental Health. DCHHS will begin permitting mobile food units (MFUs) by appointment only. Any vendor seeking a permit must schedule an appointment.

A MFU permit issued by Dallas County is for Health and Safety inspection only. MFUs must comply with the Fire and Safety inspection requirements for the cities they plan to operate. MFUs must provide proof of completed Fire and Safety Inspection(s) at the time of inspection.

A MFU permit issued by Dallas County does not exempt MFUs from local municipal laws. All MFUs must comply with any applicable municipal zoning, parking, and/or other ordinances.

More information, including the application packet and fee schedule, is available here: 
DCHHS  Environmental Health Division (

Moblile Food Units in Kaufman County

Click here to view the Health Division Requirements for Mobile Food Units and fill out the Mobile Food Unit Application.

Operation Site Approval for Property Owners

If you would like to have one or more food trucks at your business location, please contact the Building Inspection Division at 972-216-4114 or apply online at Operation site approval must be requested by the property owner, not by the mobile food unit owner or operator.


Please contact City of Mesquite Health Division for additional information at 972-216-8138.

City of Mesquite Health Division
1515 N Galloway Ave.
Mesquite, TX. 75149

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