Clean City Initiative

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The Clean City Initiative is a program that combines the efforts of several City departments and programs into a unified strategy to improve the appearance of our community.  The Clean City Initiative will combine the efforts of Keep Mesquite Beautiful, Mesquite Parks and Recreation, Environmental Code and Solid Waste to promote litter prevention, beautification projects and improved regulations. 

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The Clean City Initiative will be dedicated to outreach and education to all citizens on the importance of a litter free community.  Increased litter impacts property values, economic development and the quality of life of a community.  This initiative will set a goal to reach every elementary school student every year with a litter prevention message.  The initiative will also promote a community spirit of taking action to prevent litter and encourage a better appearance of the community in general.

Action Items

City announces Clean City Initiative
Keep Mesquite Beautiful Trash Bash
Solid Waste Ordinance Revisions (Watch the presentation to Council)
Adopt A Spot
Business Regulation Changes – Coming Soon
City Wide Litter Prevention Campaign – Coming Soon

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Tons of Waste Collected in Mesquite

By Month Residential Garbage
Processed through the
Transfer Station
Residential Recycle
Processed through the
FCC Environmental
Residential Brush 
to Compost Facility
Commercial Vendors 
Brush to 
Compost Facility
Citizens, MISD,
Parks, all others 
Brush to Compost Facility
Scrap Metal Recycled Totals
March 2021 6,360.18 177.78 1,728.00 3,279.48 485.33 3.13 12,033.90
April 2021 6,056.00 166.63 1,392.25 2,764.46 208.05 11.90 10,599.29
May 2021 5,513.46 167.00 1,542.25 2,784.60 214.58 11.09 10,232.98
June 2021 6,380.66 182.00 1,292.50 2,910.52 280.67 0.00 11,046.35
July 2021 5,856.82 169.00 1,760.70 3,630.81 295.03 20.13 11,732.49
August 2021 5,394.42 170.80 1,188.25 3,134.95 233.98 28.18 10,150.58
September 2021 5,012.66 157.62 1,162.00 3,845.30 296.69 18.33 10,492.60
October 2021 4,800.19 167.79 1,143.40 2,922.11 196.80 0.00 9,230.29
November 2021 5,378.37 161.90 1,439.45 2,695.58 259.60 20.76 9,955.66

Be a part of the solution. Engage in improving the appearance of the community. Click here to sign up to volunteer for the Clean City Initiative.

In 2020, Mayor Bruce Archer called upon a citizen committee to evaluate the appearance of the community and provide input on how best to improve how our community looks.  The Clean City Task Force provided a recommendation to the City Council that forms the basis of the Clean City Initiative. Watch the December 21, 2020 briefing to the City Council regarding the mayor’s Clean City Initiative.

Clean City Task Force Report to the City Council

man picks up trash in clean city vest

Clean City Vest

Buy a vest for your next group clean up event and show your pride in keeping Mesquite beautiful. The Clean City vests are $20 each. Payments can be made in person when picking up a vest.

Click here to order your vest.

woman in clean city vest
man puts trash in bag while in clean city vest

Thanks to the members of the Clean City Task Force:

Clean City Initiative Committee  
Audwin Prince Co-Chair
James Terry Co-Chair
Bryan Odom Mesquite Print House
J.R. Black Resident
LC Williams Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Chair
Ron Hall Building Standards Board Member
Susan Erickson Parks & Recreations Advisory Board Chair
Susie Court KMB Chair
Tammy JoStrong Resident
Bruce Archer Mayor
Tandy Boroughs City Council Member
Cliff Keheley Mesquite City Manager
Elizabeth Harrell Parks & Recreation Director
Jasmine Ferrell Storm Water Specialist
Kathy Fonville Sustainability Coordinator
Maria Martinez Neighborhood Services Director
Ricardo Rocha Environmental Code Manager
Selket Daese KMB Executive Director