Talking Turf with Travis

Here are landscaping tips from Travis E. Sales, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation and Municipal Arborist. If you have questions or concerns about your landscape, please feel free to email Travis.

Irrigation systems and watering tips

The month of May is when Mother Nature really starts throwing the heat at us in North Texas.   This is also the time we start applying water to our lawns and landscape. The problem is most of us apply too much water to our lawns and landscapes.  A good rule of thumb is lawns and landscapes need approximately one-inch of water a week to thrive in full sun. 

The average irrigation system applies water at an average precipitation rate of two-inches per hour.  This means the irrigation system needs to only run for thirty minutes per station/zone per week to achieve one-inch of water. The best way to apply this amount of water is two times per week at 15 minutes per zone, because watering times above 15 minutes produce runoff due to the heavy clay soils in this region.

The controller should also be shutoff anytime rain is forecasted to prevent water waste.  If it rains an inch or more, shut your system off for that week. If it does not rain, you can always water the next day.  Over watering symptoms look just like under watering symptoms, and over watering is the number one cause of plant death and disease in landscapes.