Scheduled Virtual Hearings

The Mesquite Municipal Court now offers E-Court Docket Appearance to allow defendants to dispose of cases via a  video conference with the Judge through the use of ZOOM on either your computer or wireless device.


Requirements to Appear via E-Court, you must have:

  • A device capable of accessing an internet connection (Personal Computer, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.) and the ability to download the Zoom application before the video conference begins if you do not already have the application.
  • A fast and stable internet connection.
  • A webcam attached to your PC or a built-in camera on your device that will allow the Judge to see you during the video conference.
  • A microphone connected or built-in mic that will allow you to talk to the Judge and your device must also have speakers attached or built-in that will allow you to hear what the judge is saying to you.
  • You will be required to provide the Court with proper identification, a working email address and mobile phone number to ensure future successful contact with the Court.


Virtual Courtrooms are the same as Actual Courtrooms.  All of the same rules and procedures apply.

Failure to follow these guidelines will prompt the Judge to remove the Defendant from the virtual courtroom until compliance is achieved.  Proper respect for the Court process shall be adhered to at all times.  

Proper clothing is strictly enforced.  Inappropriate attire will not be permitted. Dress code is the same as if you are appearing in-person in the courtroom. The following is not permitted in the Virtual Courtroom:

  • Hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, scarves, buffs, sweatbands, do-rags or hairnets, sunglasses.
  • Facial piercings will need to be removed as much as practical.  Ear piercings are acceptable.
  • Visible halter tops, tank tops, see-through tops, bare-midriff tops, bare shoulders, or spaghetti straps.  No underclothing shall be visible at any time.
  • Anything containing words, pictures or symbols that are obscene, profane, sexually suggestive, or related to drugs or gangs.


Virtual Court Process

Guideline to attend Virtual Court for the Walk-In Court or a scheduled docket E-Court appearance: 

  • Click on the appropriate E-Court Docket day and time link. See days and times below.
  • Check-in time starts 30 minutes before the docket time and will stop exactly at the docket time.
  • When joining the virtual hearing, use your full legal name as your screen name.  Once you have successfully joined the virtual hearing,  you will be placed in a virtual waiting room.
  • Remain muted when entering the Virtual Courtroom until your name is called.
  • Be prepared to give your email address and phone number to the clerk.
  • Avoid background noise – Ensure your environment is conducive to attend virtually.
  • Avoid distractions - Turn off and put away any and all distractions so your full attention is given to the proceedings. 
  • Do not drive while attending E-Court. Avoid excessive movement (i.e. stay seated) while attending E-Court.
  • Do not record these proceedings.



If you have a scheduled E-Court Appearance date and time to appear before the Judge, you are required to appear.  On your appearance date click on the link with the time of your hearing below. Check-in time starts 30 minutes before the docket time and will stop exactly at the docket time.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure that the date and time of your hearing is correct BEFORE clicking on the link.

Click on the link below to search for the defendant's name in alpha order by last name.

AFTER you appear virtually with the Judge or prosecutor, you will receive an email with the court order(s) which you are required to sign immediately to finalize the action(s) taken by the Judge on your case(s).  Failure to do so will result in an issuance of an arrest warrant . The Clerk may also call you if there are special instructions from the Judge on your case.   Please be alert to answer the call.  

After signing the court order(s) you will be receiving a second email with a copy of the signed court order(s) for your records.  If you have any questions concerning the court order(s) you must call the Court Clerk at 972-216-6206.   


Payment Requirements: 

If Driving Safety Course or a Compliance Dismissal is ordered via E-Court you will be required to pay the applicable fee(s) immediately after your E-Court appearance.  Call the Court Clerk at 972-216-6206.


PLEASE NOTE: While the Court will make every effort to dispose of your case(s) via E-Court, unfortunately, that may not be possible in all circumstances.


No Video Device? or Having Audio Issues? Instructions for Connecting by Phone: 

Call the Court at 972-216-6206 for further instructions.


You can access court proceedings via live stream on YouTube.

Please click here to access the live streaming of court sessions