Recovery Mesquite

Recovery Mesquite - Forward and Onward

The Mesquite community is beginning to turn the corner from crisis to recovery due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recovery Mesquite is an ongoing series of events by the City and its partners to aid the citizens, business community and others as Mesquite begins to recover.

City Manager Cliff Keheley said, “Mesquite is moving forward in recovery efforts as it starts to shift in new directions and begins to make progress in recapturing daily life in the community. As we go onward, our community will continue to help families and businesses recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

More events and details will be announced. Please contact the Communications and Marketing Department by phone at 972-329-8319 or by email for questions or to get involved.

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine, CARES Assistance, utility bill assistance, free mental health counseling and more resources, visit

Recovery Mesquite Parade

On May 30, the City of Mesquite held the first “Recovery Mesquite - Forward & Onward” event. The Mesquite community participated in a reverse parade thanking public safety officials, local health care professionals, educators and other front line workers who have been essential during the pandemic. The first Recovery Mesquite activity raised 587 pounds of food and $1,351 to be shared between Sharing Life Community Outreach and Mesquite Social Services.

City Manager Cliff Keheley shared that Recovery Mesquite is not just about this one event. He said, “We will continue to assist families in need, help the unemployed find job opportunities, guide our local businesses through resources and regenerate the Mesquite economy with programs to move forward and onward to recovery.”

Recovery Mesquite Links

Donate to families in need through Sharing Life Community Outreach.

Learn more about job opportunities, business assistance programs and more through the City’s "Roadmap To Resources" program.

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