Large Brush/Bulky Item Collection

Cost Plus

The Solid Waste Division provides weekly collection of large brush or items too large or bulky for normal trash pickups.

COLLECTED:  Monday through Friday depending on your area.  To look up your collection day click here.

TIME AND PICKUP LOCATION:  Place items or large brush out no later than 7:30 a.m. on your collection day at the front curb (will NOT be collected from the alley).  Please separate large brush from bulky items and do not block the sidewalk. Effective OCT. 1, 2021, bulk trash may be placed for collection no earlier than 24 hours prior to scheduled collection day. This does not apply to yard waste and brush collection.

NEW LIMITS ON AMOUNT OF BULK TRASH:  Bulk trash placed for collection may not exceed eight cubic yards (should fit into an area measured 5 feet tall by 4 feet deep by 11 feet long). This does not apply to yard waste or large brush collection. 

SPECIAL PICK-UP COLLECTION:  Residents may request a special pick-up if unable to met the 24-hour rule by calling the Solid Waste Division at 972-216-6285 or 972-216-6284. The fee for a requested  special pick-up of bulky items will be applied to the customer's water utility bill.

Eight Cubic Yards

The photo above shows approximately 4 cubic yards (5 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 6 ft long). So 8 cubic yards would be 2 full size truck beds or approximately 8 stoves as illustrated.

Do not mix brush with bulk items