T25 Program


The T25 program was created in support of the Neighborhood Appearance and Condition goal established by the City Council in October 2015. Through a collaborative effort, the T25 Task Force works to address the biggest problem properties in the city with aggressive and creative enforcement strategies. These problem properties compile the T25 list.


The goal of the T25 Program is to remedy ongoing property maintenance, building condition and criminal issues at T25 properties and to enhance current policies and procedures to prevent T25-type issues from occurring in the future.

Guiding Principles

The following are the guiding principles of the T25 Program:

  • Each T25 property will be constantly evaluated and monitored by all departments on the Task Force;
  • Each property is to receive the strictest enforcement possible;
  • The Task Force is encouraged to think creatively and develop new approaches to addressing issues at the T25 properties;
  • Some enforcement methods may take months to occur (e.g., foreclosures.) Until resolved, the properties on the list will receive regular maintenance attention and will remain the highest priority of the Task Force;
  • The Task Force will not be lenient with any T25 property owners. No fees are to be waived nor extensions provided;
  • Properties with improved conditions will be placed on 90-day probation; and after the probation period removed from the list if the entire Task Force is in agreement.

Properties removed from the list will be immediately returned to the list if there are any violations.

T25 List

In order for a property to be added to the T25 list, it must meet criteria for ongoing appearance and condition issues, police and/or fire service calls, or demonstrate a lack of maintenance or response to issues. The final determination on addition or removal from the list is made by the City Manager with recommendation from the T25 Task Force.

The T25 list includes active properties, probation properties and those properties that have completed their probation and have been removed. This list is updated on a quarterly basis according to our fiscal year.

T25 Quarterly Updates

FY 2019-2020

FY 2018-2019