Meet the Code Officers of Mesquite

Please reference the below, Environmental Code District Map, to see a larger scale version.

New District Map - 2019

North Sector

Field SupervisorTed Perez(972) 216-6455
District 1Ismael Miranda(972) 216-4116
District 2Tiffany James(972) 216-6454
District 3Louis Avila(972) 216-6329
District 4Scott Faulkner(972) 216-6434
District 5Marco Pulgarin(972) 216-8196

South Sector

Field SupervisorJames Kasper(972) 329-8711
District 6
Ashley Anderson-Walls(972) 216-6476
District 7
Edith Gonzalez(972) 329-8518
District 8
Todd Cotton(972) 216-6475
District 9
Nick Figuera(972) 216-6456
District 10
James Kasper(972) 329-8711

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Please reference Report A Concern to see the map of each District.